Coquitlam Cosmetic Dentist Announces the Importance of Dental Implants

Oxford Family Dental, a Coquitlam dental practice, recently discussed the benefits of dental implants for all patients

( April 01, 2015 ) Coquitlam, BC — Many dental patients know enough about the dangers of missing teeth, which is why they agree to use dentures as replacements. But patients can now take advantage of a modern solution from Oxford Family Dental clinic for dental implants in Coquitlam.
“Dentures have served the needs of patients with missing teeth for many generations, but now it’s time for a modern solution,” admits Burnaby dental implants dentist Dr. Gurinder Gerry Chahal who heads the well-trained staff at Oxford Family Dental. “With dental implants, patients can have their needs addressed without having to tolerate the well-known problems with dentures.”

These problems with dentures include having a decidedly artificial look that makes it obvious to others that a person is wearing false teeth. They sometimes have a colour that’s too bright, or the shape may be wrong. This results in an unnatural-looking smile.
“In addition, dentures are also detachable,’” said Port Coquitlam family dentist Dr. Chahal, “while this makes them easy to clean, it also makes them prone to accidental detachments that sometimes prove extremely humiliating. They can dislodge while the person is speaking or eating, or when yawning or laughing out loud. Dentures can also be very uncomfortable to wear. In fact, people need to get used to them and in the meantime eating can become a problem. Also, wearing dentures can also make it hard for people to speak normally without speech impediments.”

Dental implants come without all these problems. “The procedure first starts with the insertion of a titanium screw into the gums and jawbone,” added Coquitlam cosmetic dentist, Dr. Chahal, “this acts as the foundation of the tooth, as it functions much like the root of the tooth. These makes these tooth implants permanent dental fixtures. They don’t detach at all and patients can just clean them like they clean their real teeth.”

For the dental implants from Oxford Family Dental, the crowns attached to the titanium screws have been carefully designed, shaped, and coloured to look like a patient’s real teeth. This results in a more natural smile without any embarrassing gaps of obviously false teeth.
“They also function just as well as real natural teeth,” said Dr. Chahal, “this means that people won’t have to modify their diets to avoid food items that are difficult to chew. They feel so natural that people don’t even remember that they have dental implants instead of real teeth. They don’t feel uncomfortable, and they also do feel painful at all.”

Missing teeth can lead to a lack of self-confidence, a limited diet, and additional problems such as gum recession, uneven bites, and problems with the jawbone. With dental implants, the majority of these problems are solved, and there’s no need to suffer speech impediments, discomfort, and pain.

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