Blooming Pods Announces a Fresh Approach for Making Indoor Gardening Easy

Blooming Pods has just announced their new website launch for the indoor gardener.

( March 24, 2015 ) Fort Worth, TX — Blooming Pods ( have just announced their new website launch, a fresh new approach to highlight a complete coverage on indoor gardening made easy and with the best compact Indoor Gardening Kits available on the market. It covers everything you need to know on how to start your very own indoor garden, including the latest hydroponic and aeroponic gardening technologies.

With one mission in mind, the presentation will guide you on just how easy it is to bring freshness into every household with an assortment of high-tech hydroponic and aeroponic systems to observe. For simplicity and stylish exterior, the indoor gardening devices are detailed comprehensively with an entire description of the product, cost, location, lights, planters, tools, fertilizers and, with plenty of gardening advice and tips along the way.

For fast growing and free from pesticides, hydroponics is obviously the real deal for growing indoors and to allow both novices and the more experienced gardeners to enjoy their favorite herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers all-year-round. For most people, moving closer to the city for work is the norm these days, an alternative lifestyle with high rises and with outdoor gardens harder to come by. The slow exodus of fresh air and the outdoors are prompting the gardening enthusiasts to bring their green thumb indoors and all this information will help to do just that.

What’s impressive is the inclusion of DIY Hydroponics as an alternative with some really great choices, especially for the beginner. From setup to discount hydroponic supplies, it has it all with the benefits and alternative methods on how to grow your plants indoors. But at the end of the day, it’s all about your garden happily thriving in your home and more importantly, overflowing with an abundance of fresh produce for either culinary, medicinal or beautiful ornate purposes.

About Blooming Pods:
Blooming Pods was founded in 2015 to introduce smart indoor gardening techniques and to bring fresh produce into everyone’s household.


Company Name: Blooming Pods
Name: Anthony Dudley
Phone: 817-833-3978
Address: Fort Worth, TX
Zipcode: 76102


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